Our Service List

A La Carte
Nail and Ear A La Carte

Nail Grinding

Nail Trim

Toothbrushing A La Carte

Add on
Anti Itch Shampoo Add On

AntiMicrobial Shampoo

Berry Facial Add On

Clean Feet Add-On

Deep Coat Conditioning Add On

Express Add On

Feet trim

Fizzy Paw Soak

Flea Shampoo during bath

Low Shed Treatment

Removal of undercoat and/or shed control. Starts at $15 and increases with coat condition.

Nail Caps 2 Paws Add On

Nail Caps 4 Paws Add On

Nail Grinding w/ Service

Nose and Paw Balm Add On

Oatmeal Shampoo Add On

Paw Friction Single App Large

Paw Friction Single App Medium

Paw Friction Single App Small Dog

Pawlish 2 Paws Add On

Pawlish 4 Paws Add On

Sanitary Trim Add On

Skunk Odor Remover Add On


Whitening Shampoo

All Over
Airedale All Over Groom

Akita All Over Groom

American Eskimo Miniature All Over Groom

American Eskimo Standard All Over Groom

Anatolian Shepherd All Over Groom

Australian Cattle Dog All Over Groom

Australian Shepherd All Over Groom

Australian Terrier All Over Groom

Basenji All Over Groom

Bearded Collie All Over Groom

Bedlington Terrier All Over Groom

Belgian Malinois All Over Groom

Belgian Sheepdog All Over Groom

Belgian Tervuren All Over Groom

Bernese Mountain Dog All Over Groom

Bichon Frise All Over Groom

Black Russian Terrier All Over Groom

Border Collie All Over Groom

Border Terrier All Over Groom

Boykin Spaniel All Over Groom

Briard All Over Groom

Brittany All Over Groom

Brussels Griffon All Over Groom

Cairn Terrier All Over Groom

Cavachon All Over Groom

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel All Over

Chihuahua Long Haired All Over Groom

Chinese Crested Powder Puff All Over

Chow Chow All Over Groom

Cockapoo All Over Groom

Cocker Spaniel American All Over

Cocker Spaniel English All Over Groom

Collie Rough Coat All Over Groom

Corgi All Over Groom

Coton De Tulear All Over Groom

Curly Coated Retriever All Over Groom

Dachshund Longhaired All Over Groom

Dachshund Wirehaired All Over Groom

Dandie Dinmont Premium Groom

Doodle All Over Groom

Starts at $132 and increases in $10 increments depending on coat length and condition.

Field Spaniel All Over Groom

Finnish Spitz All Over Groom

Flat Coated Retriever All Over Groom

Fox Terrier Toy All Over Groom

Fox Terrier Wirehaired All Over Groom

German Shepherd All Over Groom

German Wirehaired Pointer All Over Groom

Golden Retriever All Over Groom

Great Pyrenees All Over Groom

Havanese All Over Groom

Jack Russel Terrier Rough All Over Groom

Japanese Chin All Over Groom

Keeshond All Over Groom

Kerry Blue Terrier All Over Groom

Labrador Retriever All Over Groom

Lagotto Romagnolo All Over Groom

Lhasa Apso All Over Groom

Malamute All Over Groom

Maltese All Over Groom

Maltipoo All Over Groom

Mini Doodle All Over Groom

Miniature Australian Shepherd All Over

Miniature Golden Retriever All Over

Newfoundland All over Groom

Norfolk Terrier All Over Groom

Norwegian Elkhound All Over Groom

Old English Sheepdog All Over Groom

Papillon All Over Groom

Pekingese All Over Groom

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen All Over Gr

Pit Bull Terrier All Over Groom

Pomeranian All Over Groom

Poodle Miniature All Over Groom

Poodle Standard All Over Groom

Starts at $132 and increases in $10 increments depending on blade length.

Poodle Toy All Over Groom

Portugese Water Dog All Over Groom

Pug All Over Groom

Puggle All Over Groom

Rat Terrier All Over Groom

Rottweiler All Over Groom

Saint Bernard All Over Groom

Samoyed All Over Groom

Schipperke All Over Groom

Schnauzer Giant All Over Groom

Schnauzer Miniature All Over Groom

Schnauzer Standard All Over Groom

Schnoodle All Over Groom

Schnorkie All Over Groom

Scottish Terrier All Over Groom

Setter English All Over Groom

Shetland Sheepdog All Over Groom

Shiba Inu All Over Groom

Shih Tzu All Over Groom

Siberian Husky All Over Groom

Silky Terrier All Over Groom

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier All Over

Spinone Italiano All Over Groom

Springer Spaniel English All Over Groom

Tibetan Spaniel All Over Groom

Tibetan Terrier All Over Groom

Toy Australian Shepherd All Over Groom

Viszla All Over Groom

Welsh Terrier All Over Groom

West Highland White Terrier All Over

Yorkiepoo All Over Groom

Yorkshire Terrier All Over Groom

Afghan Bath

Alaskan Malamute Bath

American Eskimo Mini Bath

American Eskimo Standard Bath

American Staffordshire Terrier Bath

Anatolian Shepherd Bath

Australian Cattle Dog Bath

Australian Shepherd Bath

Australian Terrier Bath

Basenji Bath

Bassett Hound Bath

Beagle Bath

Bearded Collie Bath

Bedlington Terrier Bath

Belgian Malinois Bath

Belgian Sheepdog Bath

Belgian Tervuren Bath

Bernese Mountain Dog Bath

Bichon Frise Bath

Black Mouthed Cur Bath

Black Russian Terrier Bath

Bloodhound Bath

Border Collie Bath

Border Terrier Bath

Boston Terrier Bath

Boxer Bath

Briard Bath

Brittany Bath

Brussels Griffon Bath

Bulldog Bath

Bulldog French Bath

Bullmastiff Bath

Cairn Terrier Bath

Cane Corso Bath

Catahoula Bath

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Bath

Chihuahua Longhair Bath

Chihuahua Smooth Coat Bath

Chinese Crested Bath

Chinese Shar-Pei Bath

Chow Chow Bath

Cockapoo Bath

Cocker Spaniel American Bath

Collie Rough Bath

Coonhound Bath

Corgi Bath

Coton De Tulear Bath

Dachshund Long Haired Bath

Dachshund Smooth Bath

Dachshund Wirehaired Bath

Dalmation Bath

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Bath

Doberman Pinscher Bath

Doodle Bath

Field Spaniel Bath

Flat Coated Retriever Bath

Fox Terrier Wirehaired Bath

German Shepherd Bath

German Shorthaired Pointer Bath

Golden Retriever Bath

Great Dane Bath

Great Pyrenees Bath

Greyhound Bath

Havanese Bath

Irish Wolfhound Bath

Italian Greyhound Bath

Jack Russel Terrier Rough Bath

Jack Russel Terrier Smooth

Labrador Retriever Bath

Lagotto Romagnolo Bath

Lhasa Apso Bath

Maltese Bath

Maltipoo Bath

Mastiff Bath

Mini Australian Shepherd Bath

Mini Doodle Bath

Miniature Golden Retriever Bath

Miniature Pinscher Bath

Moyen Poodle Bath

Neapolitan Mastiff

Newfoundland Bath

Old English Sheepdog Bath

Papillon Bath

Pekingese Bath

Pitbull Terrier Bath

Plott Hound Bath

Pointer Bath

Pomeranian Bath

Poodle Miniature Bath

Poodle Standard Bath

Poodle Toy Bath

Pug Bath

Puggle Bath

Rat Terrier Bath

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rottweiler Bath

Saint Bernard Bath

Schnauzer Miniature Bath

Schnauzer Standard Bath

Schnoodle Bath

Scottish Terrier Bath

Setter English Bath

Shetland Sheepdog Bath

Shiba Inu Bath

Shih Tzu Bath

Siberian Husky Bath

Silky Terrier Bath

Spinone Italiano Bath

Springer Spaniel English Bath

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bath

Tibetan Terrier Bath

Toy Australian Shepherd Bath

Vizsla Bath


West Highland White Terrier Bath

Wheaton Soft Coated Terrier Bath

Xoloitzcuintli Mexican Hairless Bath

Yorkshire Terrier Bath

Airedale Maintenance Groom

Akita Maintenance Groom

American Eskimo Mini Maintenance Groom

American Eskimo St Maintenance Groom

Anatolian Shepherd Maintenance Groom

Australian Cattle Dog Maintenance Groom

Australian Shepherd Maintenance Groom

Australian Terrier Maintenance Groom

Beagle Maintenance Groom

Bearded Collie Maintenance Groom

Bedlington Terrier Maintenance Groom

Belgian Malinois Maintenance Groom

Belgian Sheepdog Maintenance Groom

Belgian Tervuren Maintenance Groom

Bernese Mountain Dog Maintenance Groom

Bichon Frise Maintenance Groom

Black Russian Terrier Maintenance Groom

Border Collie Maintenance Groom

Border Terrier Maintenance Groom

Boykin Spaniel Maintenance Groom

Briard Maintenance Groom

Brittany Maintenance Groom

Brussels Griffon Maintenance Groom

Cairn Terrier Maintenance Groom

Catahoula Maintenance Groom

CavalierKCS Maintenance Groom

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Maintenance

Chihuahua LH Maintenance Groom

Chihuahua Maintenance Groom

Chinese Crested Maintenance Groom

Chinese Crested PP Maintenance Groom

Chow Chow Maintenance Groom

Cockapoo Maintenance Groom

Cocker Spaniel American Maintenance

Cocker Spaniel English Maintenance Groo

Collie Rough Coat Maintenance Groom

Corgi Maintenance Groom

Coton De Tulear Maintenance Groom

Curly Coated Retriever Maintenance Groo

Dachshund Long Haired Maintenance Groom

Dachshund Wirehaired Maintenance Groom

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Full Service Groo

Doodle Maintenance Groom

Field Spaniel Maintenance Groom

Finnish Spitz Maintenance Groom

Flat Coated Retriever Maintenance Groom

Fox Terrier Toy Maintenance Groom

Fox Terrier Wirehaired Maintenance Groom

German Shepherd Maintenance Groom

German Wirehaired Pointer Maintenance

Golden Retriever Maintenance Groom

Great Pyrenees Maintenance Groom

Havanese Maintenance Groom

Ibizan Hound Maintenance Groom

Irish Terrier Maintenance Groom

Irish Water Spaniel Maintenance Groom

Jack Russel Terrier Rough Maintenance

Japanese Chin Maintenance Groom

Keeshond Maintenance Groom

Kerry Blue Terrier Maintenance Groom

Lhasa Apso Maintenance Groom

Malamute Maintenance Groom

Maltese Maintenance Groom

Maltipoo Maintenance Groom

Mini Australian Shepherd Maintenance

Mini Doodle Maintenance Groom

Miniature Golden Retriever Maintenance

Moyen Poodle All Over Groom

Moyen Poodle Maintenance

Newfoundland Maintenance Groom

Old English Sheepdog Maintenance Groom

Papillon Maintenance Groom

Pekingese Maintenance Groom

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Maintenance

Pomeranian Maintenance Groom

Poodle Miniature Maintenance Groom

Poodle Standard Maintenance Groom

Poodle Toy Maintenance Groom

Portugese Water Dog Maintenance Groom

Saint Bernard Maintenance Groom

Samoyed Maintenance Groom

Schipperke Maintenance Groom

Schnauzer Giant Maintenance Groom

Schnauzer Miniature Maintenance Groom

Schnauzer Standard Maintenance Groom

Schnoodle Maintenance Groom

Schnorkie Maintenance Groom

Scottish Terrier Maintenance Groom

Setter English Maintenance Groom

Setter Irish Maintenance Groom

Shetland Sheepdog Maintenance Groom

Shiba Inu Maintenance Groom

Shih Tzu Maintenance Groom

Siberian Husky Maintenance Groom

Silky Terrier Maintenance Groom

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier Maintenance

Springer Spaniel English Maintenance

Tibetan Spaniel Maintenance Groom

Tibetan Terrier Maintenance Groom

Toy Australian Shepherd Maintenance

Vizsla WH Maintenance Groom

Welsh Terrier Maintenance Groom

West Highland White Terrier Maintenance

Yorkiepoo Maintenance Groom

Yorkshire Terrier Maintenance Groom